My Back Garden – Part 2

Here are a few more photos of what you would find in a Queensland, Australia back garden at the end of winter. As you can see, it was a beautiful day outside and when I took the photos the temperature was about 72F (22C). I tried to catch bees on the flowers as they were buzzing all over the place, but they just don’t stay in one spot for very long. Here is what you would find if you strolled through my 1 acre garden today.

A honey bee collecting nectar from the Grevillea
A Leptospermum (Tea Tree) showing off its beautiful flowers
Another Grevillea, an Orange Marmalade
A Red Toothbrush Grevillea soaking up the sun
You can almost taste the marmalade!
A Bunya Pine, a native tree in this part of Queensland (bears huge cones)

A peach blossom

The above photos completes the guided tour of my garden. I hope you have enjoyed these beautiful products of nature as much as I have. Have any of you got a garden you could share with the rest of us, because every part of the world can show us something unique?

All the best in the meantime. Regards, Phil at

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I am an older retired person currently living in Queensland, Australia who has lived in 6 different countries for 5 years or more each. They include England, Canada, USA, New Zealand, Norfolk Island and now Australia. I have a wide range of interests which include, amongst others, education, business, travel, volunteering, classic cars and government. I consider myself to be very logical, consistent, thoughtful and generally involved with society. I welcome any considered views and opinions.

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