Sharing Knowledge

Sharing our knowledge increases our ability to cope with this complicated world

Who am I?

I am an older male who has been on this earth long enough to gather a few insights into the world as we currently see it. This site has been set up so that I, with input from whomever wishes to contribute, can exchange our collective knowledge. None of us ever stop learning and everyone has something to contribute, you just have to find and express it.

I currently live in Australia, but have lived in 5 other countries around this world of ours. My interests include: education, nature, politics, science, psychology, math, health, aircraft, war and classic cars, in no particular order. There is no subject I will not participate in – it is up to you.

We, as human beings, are in many cases very different, but on the other hand we are very similar. Both our differences and our common traits can be explored.

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