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Amazing Nature

It is early spring here in Queensland, Australia, and the world around me is, in more ways than one, buzzing with activity. Perched under the eaves of our front verandah is a pair of Flycatchers or Fantails (local name Willie Wagtail) that have made a tiny nest of very fine grasses, tightly bound by spiderContinue reading “Amazing Nature”

My Back Garden

As so many of you post photos I thought I would go into my garden and take a few photos. They are not to the quality of some of yours, but they may be different to those taken in the Northern Hemisphere. Remember, we in the Southern Hemisphere are in late winter. Now that IContinue reading “My Back Garden”

Re-writing History?

Some of us are not happy with our own, our communities or our countries history, and for some reason, think it should be somehow be rewritten. Regardless of how much you may not like what happened during a certain period of history, you cannot change it or wish it did not exist. It happened, andContinue reading “Re-writing History?”

The “2R’s” – Respect and Responsibility (pt2)

A few weeks ago I published a post on the “Respect” part of the above, and it is now time to cover the other side of the equation, “Responsibility”. There are two types of responsibility, making responsible decisions, and then taking responsibility for the resulting actions. While they are somewhat related, there are two separateContinue reading “The “2R’s” – Respect and Responsibility (pt2)”


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