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The “2R’s” – Respect and Responsibility (pt2)

A few weeks ago I published a post on the “Respect” part of the above, and it is now time to cover the other side of the equation, “Responsibility”. There are two types of responsibility, making responsible decisions, and then taking responsibility for the resulting actions. While they are somewhat related, there are two separateContinue reading “The “2R’s” – Respect and Responsibility (pt2)”

Young Teenagers!

Some of you would be aware that I assist at the local Year 1 to Year 9 (Grade 1 to Grade 9) school 3 times per week and that I usually work in the classroom with young teenagers. This is a short piece that reflects what one experiences when working with this very impressionable, complicatedContinue reading “Young Teenagers!”

Nature v Nurture

The question of what creates a person, Nature or Nurture, and which is more important has been debated ever since Darwin’s “Theory of evolution by natural selection” took hold. In other words, is it a person’s genes (DNA) that predominately decides who a person is, or is it their experiences and upbringing? Many well knowContinue reading “Nature v Nurture”

Right v Left

It might be just me, but every time I pick up a newspaper, listen to the radio or the TV, all I seem to be getting is not unbiased news, but it is more based on what the writer or publisher thinks – Right or Left. I ask the question, why do people, corporate andContinue reading “Right v Left”


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